Illinois CPE Requirements for CPAs





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Fun Facts

Statistically there are about 11,500
CPAs in Illinois


With a requirement of 40 CPE Hours, that means that Illinois CPAs spend around 60,000 hours on CPE to maintain their certification PER YEAR!


Boeing 737s take about 5,500 hours to build, so if CPAs built airplanes instead of doing CPE, Illinois would produce an additional 81 Boeing 737s a year!  That's almost ten month's of production for ALL of Boeing's Plants Nationwide from Illinois ALONE!


Cities in Idaho with the most CPAs


Chicago ~ 4,146 CPAs (5,839 CPE Credits)
..Aurora ~ 1,182 CPAs (3,262 CPE Credits)

Rockford ~ 1,175 CPAs (3,004 CPE Credits)

..Naperville ~ 1,057 CPAs (2,273 CPE Credits)

Joilet ~ 1,054 CPAs (2,170 CPE Credits)
Springfield ~ 1,046 CPAs (1,849 CPE Credits)
Peoria ~ 1,044 CPAs (1,765 CPE Credits)
Elgin ~ 1,o44 CPAs (1,765 CPE Credits)

Waukegan ~ 1,032 CPAs (1,276 CPE Credits)
Cicero ~ 1,031 CPAs (1,257 CPE Credits)