Missouri CPE Requirements for CPAs

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Our courses are accepted by the Missouri State Board of Accountancy for CPE credit.  The State of Missouri does not pre-approve either CPE sponsors or individual courses. Our courses are written and administered following guidelines published by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Missouri State Board of Accountancy.  


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Fun Facts

Statistically there are about 6,002
CPAs in Missouri


With a requirement of 40 CPE Hours, that means that Missouri CPAs spend around 240,061 hours on CPE to maintain their certification PER YEAR!


Boeing 737s take about 5,500 hours to build, so if CPAs built airplanes instead of doing CPE, Missouri would produce an additional 44 Boeing 737s a year!  That's over a month's production for ALL of Boeing's Plants Nationwide from Missouri ALONE!


Cities in Missouri with the most CPAs


..Kansas City ~ 460 CPAs (18,391 CPE Credits)
Saint Louis ~ 319 CPAs (12,772 CPE Credits)

Springfield ~ 159 CPAs (6,380 CPE Credits)

..Independence ~ 117 CPAs (4,673 CPE Credits)

East Independence ~ 111 CPAs (4,427 CPE Credits)
Columbia ~ 109 CPAs (4,340 CPE Credits)
Lees Summit ~ 91 CPAs (3,655 CPE Credits)
O'Fallon ~ 79 CPAs (3,173 CPE Credits)
Saint Joseph ~ 77 CPAs (3,071 CPE Credits)
Saint Charles ~ 66 CPAs (2,632 CPE Credits)

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We are required to take our Ethics courses every year and although these are important to remind us of an essential part of our work that if damaged, could destroy our career and possibly our organization. But these courses tend to become repetitive and mundane. I particularly liked this course for its case studies. One is about a female executive at Enron and her role prior to the Enron demise. The author makes you really think about how ethical is really ethical. If you take the course I think you’ll understand what I mean. Maintaining complete ethical behavior towards your organization, your clients, and the public is very difficult sometimes and I think you have to totally step back to see your situation most clearly in order to do what’s right.
This is a nice course which helped me get my required CPE.
Poorly written, many questions were nonsensical and the material was very old. This product was noted as a 2018 version but the quiz tested us on knowledge from the mid nineties. Very, very poor course and I would not recommend it to anyone.

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