Rhode Island CPE Requirements for CPAs






Our courses are accepted by the Rhode Island State Board of Accountancy for CPE credit.  The State of Rhode Island does not pre-approve either CPE sponsors or individual courses. Our courses are written and administered following guidelines published by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Rhode Island State Board of Accountancy.  


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Fun Facts

Statistically there are about 1,2583
CPAs in Rhode Island


With a requirement of 40 CPE Hours, that means that Rhode Island CPAs spend around 50,125 hours on CPE to maintain their certification PER YEAR!


Boeing 737s take about 5,500 hours to build, so if CPAs built airplanes instead of doing CPE, Rhode Island would produce an additional 9 Boeing 737s a year!  That's over a month's production for ALL of Boeing's Plants Nationwide from Rhode Island ALONE!


Cities in Rhode Island with the most CPAs


..Providence ~ 178 CPAs (7,122 CPE Credits)
Warwick ~ 83 CPAs (3,307 CPE Credits)

Cranston ~ 80 CPAs (3,215 CPE Credits)

..Pawtucket ~ 71 CPAs (2,846 CPE Credits)

East Providence ~ 47 CPAs (1,881 CPE Credits)
Woonsocket ~ 41 CPAs (1,647 CPE Credits)
Coventry ~ 36 CPAs (1,421 CPE Credits)
Cumberland ~ 35 CPAs (1,394 CPE Credits)
North Providence ~ 34 CPAs (1,353 CPE Credits)
West Warwick ~ 30 CPAs (1,206 CPE Credits)