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1 Year CPE Subscription
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1 Year CPE Subscription

Price per Unit (piece): $139.00

Get 365 days of CPE for one low price!  

1 Year Subscription Includes:
Unlimited Online Courses - Access to Materials, Tests and Certificates
Unlimited Book Courses - Tests and Certificates.  Books cost extra (or buy used ones)

How it Works:

After your account is activated, login and browse our Catalog as before.  Your Member Prices for ALL COURSES will be $0.00.   Just purchase whatever course you wish to take.  The materials will be immediately available (if applicable) and the test will show up under "Online Testing"!

It can't get any easier!


**Some State's Ethics courses have a nominal $9.95 cost even for subscribers**

Customer Reviews:

idakim  (Tuesday, 13 February 2024)
Rating: 4
Love the courses. Wish there was more selection!

timothysullivan  (Tuesday, 25 February 2020)
Rating: 4
excellent choice thx for it

christievarner  (Sunday, 18 March 2018)
Rating: 4
I have used the CPE subscription a few times now. I find it easy to check out books from the library or buy them & then take the test. It's very cost effective.

My request would be for more choices to be added. I have done many of them & cannot realistically repeat. Also, the books that have short chapters or bulleted points make it easier to follow along for test purposes

MABUQURA  (Wednesday, 07 March 2018)
Rating: 1
Overall it is good but I have few notes to make:

1. I suggest you add more courses.
2. Materials/Books are so long (400+ pages each courses). The ones I have taken. I would suggest they use more precise/short materials in the future.

Other than that the price is fair and I am considering renewing.

al602  (Tuesday, 14 November 2017)
Rating: 4
Old customer in 2015, will give a try in 2017 now. Hope the courses are approved by the Board.


  • I have taken multiple courses from The CPE Discount Store.  They have great customer support and I received my certificate of completion on the same day.
    Bill P. - CPA - Richmond, New Hampshire
  • The CPE Discount Store offers a great selection of online CPE courses.   I was able to complete my course on my time frame which is a great way to take CPE.  Having the book as a reference for future work was also helpful.
    Tom N. - CPA - Longmont, CO
  • The CPE Discount Store course materials are very straight forward and easy to understand, I particularly like the website and customer follow up to my questions.
    Susan P. - CPA - San Diego, CA


Good course. Well written. EXCEPT, The authors slam on \'Democrats at page 11-11 was pretty stupid, immature and not welcomed. You can do better than that. For that one dig, you get 4 stars.

The course is worth the time and effort.
Love the courses. Wish there was more selection!
This has to be one of the most poorly written courses I have ever taken. There were typos, conflicting answers in the review questions, poorly-worded statements and questions. I\'ve taken many better ethics courses over the years. This course was a disappointment!

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