Guide to Income Taxes - 40 CPE Credit Hours
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Guide to Income Taxes - 40 CPE Credit Hours

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The sources of federal tax revenue are individual income taxes; Social Security

and other payroll taxes; corporate income taxes; excise taxes; and estate and gift taxes'



closely by Social Security and other payroll taxes. As a revenue source,

the corporate income tax is a distant third. Estate and gift and excise taxes

play only minor roles as revenue sources.

There are four main filing categories under the individual income tax: married

filing jointly, married filing separately, head of household and single individual.

The individual income tax base is composed of wages, salaries, tips, taxable interest

and dividend income, business and farm income, realized net capital gains,

income from rents, royalties, trusts, estates, partnerships, taxable pension and

annuity income, and alimony received.

The individual income tax is the major source of federal revenues, followed


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Either you re-did the course after jstone\'s review, or he/she confused this course with another one. The test for this course had 15 questions, not 120, and all of them were about material covered in the course. It was fine and I recommend it.
Looks like this course needs to be updated.
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