Ethics for Arizona - 4 CPE Credit Hour
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Ethics for Arizona - 4 CPE Credit Hour

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In this course, we will define ethics and provide you with reasons you should be encouraged to continue educating yourself with the goal of achieving the highest standards of ethical conduct.  The course will then discuss ethical reasoning and its application to common dilemmas that you may experience. Throughout this course, you will be provided with case studies that demonstrate the application of ethical principles, values, and ethical reasoning.  This course will also discuss the Arizona Statutes and Regulations that pertain to CPAs licensed to practice in the state of Arizona. Students will become familiar with the Board of Public Accountancy Statutes and Regulations, Centralized Licensing Statutes, and Centralized Licensing Regulations currently in effect.

Customer Reviews:  (Thursday, 26 December 2013)
Rating: 4
The content of the course was complete and pertinent. I believe I received quality instruction in the area of Ethics as it relates to a CPA practicing in the State of Arizona. I do recommend this course. However, the material was poorly formatted, their were misspellings, outline inconsistencies, and citations that were not numbered correctly. A little editing would have gone a long way.

  • I have taken multiple courses from The CPE Discount Store.  They have great customer support and I received my certificate of completion on the same day.
    Bill P. - CPA - Richmond, New Hampshire
  • The CPE Discount Store offers a great selection of online CPE courses.   I was able to complete my course on my time frame which is a great way to take CPE.  Having the book as a reference for future work was also helpful.
    Tom N. - CPA - Longmont, CO
  • The CPE Discount Store course materials are very straight forward and easy to understand, I particularly like the website and customer follow up to my questions.
    Susan P. - CPA - San Diego, CA


Either you re-did the course after jstone\'s review, or he/she confused this course with another one. The test for this course had 15 questions, not 120, and all of them were about material covered in the course. It was fine and I recommend it.
Looks like this course needs to be updated.
Old customer in 2015, will give a try in 2017 now. Hope the courses are approved by the Board.

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