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Fraud 101 - 20 CPE Credit Hours
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Fraud 101 - 20 CPE Credit Hours

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Fraud 101: Techniques and Strategies fo Understanding Fraud


If an employee brings home some office supplies for their kids to use with their school projects, is that fraud? How about when an employee charges personal items on the company's credit cards, receives vendor kickbacks, or inflates travel expenses? Instances of fraud occur every day and either go undetected, or are not deemed newsworthy enough to bring any attention to the matter. In fact, instances like these may be occurring right now in your organization—how will you know what to look for? And how can you stop it from taking place again?

Now fully revised, Fraud 101, Third Edition explains fraud in a practical, easily understood manner, serving as an enlightening tool for you, whether you are a business owner or manager, an accountant, or an auditor. A valuable introduction for dealing with fraud—from preventing and detecting it to investigating it, Fraud 101, Third Edition provides insightful advice on the inner workings of numerous financial schemes and the internal controls that will increase your awareness and possibly prevent fraud from destroying your organization's financial stability.

Offering guidance, understanding and new, real-world case studies on the major types of fraud, this new edition explores:

  • Why fraud is committed

  • An overview of financial fraud schemes

  • White-collar crime

  • Employee embezzlements

  • Internal fraud controls

  • The nature of collecting evidence

  • Investigative issues, including alternatives for resolving fraud-related matters

  • How to perform an effective investigation

  • Sample investigation procedures for the major fraud categories

Regardless of why an individual perpetrates a fraud, the end result is usually the same: a substantial financial loss to the organization, often involving a significant amount of money that may never be recovered. Fraud 101, Third Edition will show you how fraud schemes are perpetrated, detected, and investigated, with practical advice on how to notice and prevent fraudulent activity, minimizing the loss experienced by your organization.

Highly readable and accessible, this timely book provides you with the methods and tips you need to readily recognize and investigate financial fraud and combat fraud in your organization.

Fraud 101, Third Edition serves as an enlightening tool for you, whether you are a business owner or manager, an accountant, auditor or college student who needs to learn about the nature of fraud. In this invaluable guide, you will discover and better understand the inner workings of numerous financial schemes and internal controls to increase your awareness and possibly prevent fraud from destroying your organization's financial stability.


Customer Reviews:

s98gordon@yahoo.com  (Monday, 18 November 2013)
Rating: 5
This was a great read. Informative and well organized.

test  (Tuesday, 24 May 2011)
Rating: 5
Great text book. The course was really interesting. I'll use the book as a reference in the future.

  • I have taken multiple courses from The CPE Discount Store.  They have great customer support and I received my certificate of completion on the same day.
    Bill P. - CPA - Richmond, New Hampshire
  • The CPE Discount Store offers a great selection of online CPE courses.   I was able to complete my course on my time frame which is a great way to take CPE.  Having the book as a reference for future work was also helpful.
    Tom N. - CPA - Longmont, CO
  • The CPE Discount Store course materials are very straight forward and easy to understand, I particularly like the website and customer follow up to my questions.
    Susan P. - CPA - San Diego, CA


This course seemed more concerned with lawyers than with CPA (regardless of state) and questions were very poorly worded. Many were of the which was is false or exempt which made the test even more difficult. Find the course somewhere else.
Excellent Product - very good course material
excellent choice thx for it

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