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1 Year CPE Subscription
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1 Year CPE Subscription

Price per Unit (piece): $139.00

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Get 365 days of CPE for one low price!  

1 Year Subscription Includes:
Unlimited Online Courses - Access to Materials, Tests and Certificates
Unlimited Book Courses - Tests and Certificates.  Books cost extra (or buy used ones)

How it Works:

After your account is activated, login and browse our Catalog as before.  Your Member Prices for ALL COURSES will be $0.00.   Just purchase whatever course you wish to take.  The materials will be immediately available (if applicable) and the test will show up under "Online Testing"!

It can't get any easier!


**Some State's Ethics courses have a nominal $9.95 cost even for subscribers**

Customer Reviews:

timothysullivan  (Tuesday, 25 February 2020)
Rating: 4
excellent choice thx for it

christievarner  (Sunday, 18 March 2018)
Rating: 4
I have used the CPE subscription a few times now. I find it easy to check out books from the library or buy them & then take the test. It's very cost effective.

My request would be for more choices to be added. I have done many of them & cannot realistically repeat. Also, the books that have short chapters or bulleted points make it easier to follow along for test purposes

MABUQURA  (Wednesday, 07 March 2018)
Rating: 1
Overall it is good but I have few notes to make:

1. I suggest you add more courses.
2. Materials/Books are so long (400+ pages each courses). The ones I have taken. I would suggest they use more precise/short materials in the future.

Other than that the price is fair and I am considering renewing.

al602  (Tuesday, 14 November 2017)
Rating: 4
Old customer in 2015, will give a try in 2017 now. Hope the courses are approved by the Board.

nabil  (Thursday, 28 September 2017)
Rating: 5
Renewing for 2nd year, it's Great courses


  • I have taken multiple courses from The CPE Discount Store.  They have great customer support and I received my certificate of completion on the same day.
    Bill P. - CPA - Richmond, New Hampshire
  • The CPE Discount Store offers a great selection of online CPE courses.   I was able to complete my course on my time frame which is a great way to take CPE.  Having the book as a reference for future work was also helpful.
    Tom N. - CPA - Longmont, CO
  • The CPE Discount Store course materials are very straight forward and easy to understand, I particularly like the website and customer follow up to my questions.
    Susan P. - CPA - San Diego, CA


This has to be one of the most poorly written courses I have ever taken. There were typos, conflicting answers in the review questions, poorly-worded statements and questions. I\'ve taken many better ethics courses over the years. This course was a disappointment!
Great refresher course. Not wordy. Does a great job bringing me up to date as the computer programs do most of the work nowadays.
The last half or so of the course had nothing to do with divorce. The test was strange with question 107 seeming to have the man marry his daughter!

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